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UNCHARTED TERRITORY is an independent Production and Visual Effects Company.

UNCHARTED TERRITORY LLC was founded in 1999 by Academy Award-winner Volker Engel and Emmy Award-winner Marc Weigert.


UNCHARTED TERRITORY GmbH, founded in 2021,  is currently headed by Volker Engel, Gesa Engel, and Lucia Scharbatke.


Uncharted Territory’s concept of integrating visual effects into the overall production workflow has proven successful in productions for Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and co-productions with the SyFy Channel and the BBC.


After producing their first feature film “Coronado“, which was released in more than 40 territories, they became producers on the limited historical drama series “Curse of the Ring“ in 2004 and teamed up as co-producers with Dean Devlin and Bryan Singer for the limited sci-fi-adventure series “The Triangle“ in 2005.

Volker and Marc were Co-Producers and VFX Supervisors for “White House Down” and the disaster epic “2012”, and were Executive Producers and VFX Supervisors for the period drama “Anonymous”, all directed by Roland Emmerich.

In 2012 Gesa Engel joined UNCHARTED TERRITORY as a Producer and Head Of Development.

For the sequel to “Independence Day” Volker Engel and Marc Weigert joined forces with Emmerich once more in 2015/16 as Co-Producer/VFX Supervisor (Volker Engel) and VFX Producer (Marc Weigert).

In 2021 UNCHARTED TERRITORY also founded UNCHARTED TERRITORY GmbH in Germany, currently based in Nuremberg.

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